Foster to Adopt in Kansas

Opening your home to adopt a child in need can be one of the most generous and rewarding experiences of your life. Sixty percent of children who are adopted through KVC are adopted by their foster parents. KVC provides families with preparation, information and support during the adoption journey to facilitate successful adoptions. 

Foster Family Adoption:
  • Is key to the long-term adjustment for the child
  • Enables full disclosure and honest feedback on a continual basis
  • Allows for bonding at an earlier age
  • Provides history and relationship with the birth family
  • Provides a loving home for a child while his/her future is being determined
Alternative Planning
Guided by KVC’s mantra that Children Can’t Wait, the case planning team will develop concurrent, alternative plans for the child when necessary. Alternative plans usually include permanent placement with a relative or adoption by the resource family. If reunification with the family of origin is not successful, foster family adoption provides continuity of care and relationships for children. 
Working on an alternative plan does not diminish the reunification as the primary goal, but it is in the best interest of the child to work on two goals at once when there is any reason to believe that reunification may not be possible.
Most of the children profiled on the KVC Adoption website are currently living in a foster home. 
KVC also works with families who are actively looking to adopt children. Because the greatest need for permanent, loving homes is for older children and sibling groups, however, we have a few guidelines for these adopt-only circumstances. Parents can adopt:
  • Any child age eight or older
  • A sibling group of two with one child who is 8 or older
  • A sibling group of three or more at any age
  • A child of any age who has severe special needs