Family Reunification and Preservation Services

Family Preservation & Reunification Services is a collaboration between DCBS and KVC Behavioral HealthCare Kentucky, Inc., funded through the state of Kentucky and federal funding. Beginning in fiscal year 2012-2013, the Family Preservation Program and Diversion Services (fka Intensive In-Home Services/IIHS) were combined under one state contract. Preservation and reunification services are available to those children who are at risk of out-of-home placement or are reunifying to their long-term placement from foster care or a childcare institution. More information on each program is outlined below.


Family Preservation Program

The Family Preservation Program (FPP) provides time-limited, intensive services to reduce the safety risks jeopardizing the child’s placement in the home. Services are provided for 1-4 months depending on the type of referral and intensity of services. All FPP referrals are made on the universal referral form and sent to the regional referral and selection personnel (“gatekeeper”) for approval and forwarding to KVC.


Diversion Services

Diversion Services are designed to divert children ages 10-17 from out-of-home care and/or reunify children from out-of-home care. Diversion provides intensive services from clinical staff trained in evidence-based assessment, scales, screens and interventions with the goal of improving well-being, increasing safety and establishing permanency. Diversion Specialists provide both clinical and case management services. Diversion referrals require risk of out-of-home placement at imminent risk or readiness for reunification within 4-6 weeks of referral. The intensity and duration of Diversion services are dependent on the family’s identified needs, the chosen treatment model, and progress toward treatment goals.

*Family Preservation and Reunification Services are made possible though Kentucky State Funds and Federal Funding