Dear Friends,

Last year, KVC enriched and enhanced the lives of more children and families than ever before. Thanks to your support, it was a record-breaking year by nearly every measure! Through foster care and adoption, in-home family therapy, children's psychiatric hospitals and other services, we had the opportunity to show tens of thousands of people how much they matter.

What makes KVC unique among nonprofit organizations is that we are a private agency with the privilege of managing and impacting public child welfare systems. From the Midwest, to the East Coast, to the other side of the world, KVC is making a difference by helping systems focus on one child at a time. By combining the latest research with our strong values and sense of urgency, we are achieving some of the nation's best results and transforming the way children and families are served. Thank you for being part of this historic year.


B. Wayne Sims
President and CEO
KVC Health Systems

David Ball
Chair of the Board
KVC Health Systems




people's lives directly
touched by KVC last year

plus tens of thousands more children and families positively impacted
through training, consulting, and sharing best practices.


That's more than 1 child adopted every day!

Of those children adopted,

were male

were female

were part of a sibling group and adopted with their siblings

2,644 children adopted through KVC since 2005

KVC is finding creative, innovative ways to increase adoptions of children and teens in foster care. Our re-designed adoption website features real children front and center on the homepage. Videos of children are also included, allowing them to express their unique personalities and explain what they want in a family.


Of those children,

70%  were in Kansas

20%  were in Nebraska

9%  were In West Virginia

1%  were in Kentucky

were age 12 and under

were age 13 and over

1,064 new foster families were recruited, trained and licensed by KVC to support children in need of care

4,437children received holiday gifts in December thanks to the generous contributions of many families, faith communities and businesses. This includes all those in our care at that time, plus other children in each home.

Last year, KVC and TV channel "38 the Spot" (KMCl-TV) began a charitable partnership to raise public awareness about children in foster care and those waiting to be adopted. The partnership included complimentary production and airing of public service announcements (PSAs) that invite community members to provide foster care, mentor a teenager, or adopt a child waiting in foster care. KVC Board Members Bill Dunn, Jr. (joined by his father Bill Dunn, Sr.) and Coach Bill Self endorsed KVC in the PSAs.

In-Home Family Services

That's 153% more than last year!

Services include:

  • Intensive family therapy
  • Behavioral healthcare
  • Skill-building support


Of those children and adolescents,

78%  were at Prairie Ridge Hospital

22%  were at Wheatland Hospital

were age 12 and under

were age 13 and over

Children served reported that KVC was safe, they were treated with respect and their experience was positive

Became the only TRl-CARE provider in Kansas of both hospital and residential treatment services for uniformed service members, retirees and their families

  • 150 students from 13 different Institutes of Higher Education (IHE)
  • 5,500+ hours learning about the most innovative, effective psychiatric treatment for children and adolescents while contributing to the learning environment as well


320people trained by the NYU/KVC Midwest Trauma Training Center on how to help children who have experienced trauma such as abuse or neglect.

This innovative training center is the result of a multi-year partnership with New York University and Dr. Glenn Saxe, Director of the NYU Child Study Center and Founder of Trauma Systems Therapy

Resource Family Conference

1,533 children and adults participated in this fully-underwritten weekend which offers training, networking, camaraderie, fun and inspiration.

Portions of the event were simulcast to similar KVC gatherings in Omaha, NE and Daniels, WV. Country music artist Jimmy Wayne shared stories and music to inspire adults about the tremendous impact they can make in the life of a child.

236 training classes held for foster and adoptive
parents and supported other parenting groups

748hours of in-house staff training conducted

Advanced 4 major research projects (1 new and 3 ongoing) involving 7 partners including:

plus dozens more


Washington, D.C.

Completed our 2nd year of sharing best practices with Washington, D.C. By stationing our experts on-site to work in partnership with D.C.'s Child and Family Service Agency (CFSA), we have helped transform the child welfare system in our nation's capital. We:

Built an infrastructure to help teams share information, think critically and make the best decisions with children and families

Supported CFSA's sense of urgency on behalf of children with a culture shift, such as training crisis counselors who can be at a home within one hour

Focused on creating the best possible foster care experience for children who have experienced abuse or neglect

This has created the following improved results:

Fewer children in care
Reduced the number of children brought into the District's care each month by 47%

Shorter time in foster care
Reduced the average length of time children spent in foster care before reunifying with their birth families from 48-60 months to just 13 months

Closer to home
Increased the number of children being supported by a D.C. foster family from a monthly average of 43% to 65% so they remain close to their birth family and community

Greater stability
Reduced by two-thirds the number of children changing foster homes by strengthening foster families' ability to meet their needs


miles traveled to serve children and families

That's more than 75 times around the Earth!

1,307 passionate staff employed

Unveiled new branding and launched 1 powerful new website to show the full scope of KVC's international leadership in child welfare and behavioral healthcare.

We are excited to see the early results of this work including:


Average safety rate In our foster homes

Average stability rate (children that stayed with their foster family instead of changing homes)

KVC Nebraska President Jodie Austin lent expertise to Washington, DC, sharing best practices on foster family recruitment and retentlon



Expanded services to provide in-home mental health services not only to children in foster care, but also members of the community


Ride'n Raffle

Motorcycle ride fundraiser through the mountains in autumn was a huge success and showed community involvement


Operating Revenue

KVC Health Systems and Subsidiaries

Sources of Operational Revenue

KVC Health Systems and Subsidiaries

44.7% Kansas Permanency Contract
14.8% Kansas Inpatient Services
13.9% Kansas Child Placing & Family Preservation
8.7% Nebraska Services
8.6% Kentucky Services
4.4% West Virginia Services
3.9% Capital Campaign
1.0% Contributions, Grants & Other

Operational Expenses Percentages

KVC Health Systems and Subsidiaries


Administration Expenses

Fundraising Expenses


Board of Directors

David F. Ball, Chair
William H. Dunn, Jr., Vice Chair-Finance
John N. Barnes, Vice Chair-Development
B. Wayne Sims, Vice Chair-Program Services
Mayor Michael E. Copeland
Patrick Desbois
Teresa Markowitz
Bill Self

Management Team

B. Wayne Sims, M.S., M.S.A., President and CEO
Anne M. Roberts, M.S., Chief Operations Officer
Paul W. Klayder, CPA, Chief Financial Officer
Sherry L. Love, L.M.S.W., A.C.S.W., Chief Clinical Officer
Chad E. Anderson, L.S.C.S.W., President - KVC Kansas
Jodie Austin, L.C.S.W., President - KVC Nebraska
Elizabeth Croney, M.S.W., L.C.S.W., President - KVC Kentucky
Brent Lemon, L.C.S.W., L.l.C.S.W., President - KVC West Virginia
Jason R. Hooper, L.M.S.W., President - KVC Hospitals
Vishal Adma, MD, MS, CMO, CPE, Medical Director - KVC Hospitals
Renny Christian Arensberg, M.A., Executive Vice President
Sandra Gasca-Gonzalez, M.S., L.M.L.P., Executive Vice President of Practice
and Leadership Integration
Erin Stucky, L.S.C.S.W., Executive Vice President
Michelle Lawrence, C.F.R.E., Vice President of Development

General Board

Richard Webdell, President
Lori Barnes
Dave Blankenship
Michelle Cormack
Rupal Gor

Ryan Hogue
Megan Krier
Mike Lee
Don Ransdell

Debbie Swinney
Laura Treas
Ryan Vaughan
Diane Ball Wilkerson

Young Advisory Board

Emily Baird, President
Natalie Dallman
Tyler Enders
Emily Gairns

Linda Howard
Betty Kaspar
Meaghan Kilgas
Susan Jarrold

Justin Sailer
Liz Wack
Phillip Wolff

Thank you for helping us make 2014 a year of keeping existing families together and helping to create new families when needed. We serve children and families because people matter, and we simply couldn't achieve these results without the support of so many organizations and people.
Thank you.

The KVC Team