Consulting for Managed Care & Primary Health

How Medicaid MCOs and primary health leaders can reduce costs of super-users - behavioral health - social determinants of health

Discover How to Achieve Healthcare’s Triple Aim

Are you a health systems leader facing serious challenges? Are you wondering how to improve health and reduce costs for the 5% of members who account for over 50% of healthcare costs? Maybe you’ve found yourself pulling a late night at the office, googling phrases like How to reduce the cost of super users, or Reducing MLR, or How to design an SDOH program.

We know. We get it.

The fields of Medicaid primary health, mental and behavioral health, and child welfare are changing dramatically. Special populations comprising a small number of members are driving a significant portion of overall costs. It can be difficult to keep up with what’s happening in a way that allows you to serve the people you’re committed to serving in the best way possible.

How to Best Serve Special Populations

That’s where KVC is uniquely qualified to partner with you, having long focused on engaging consumers in order to solve social and health problems. We have over 50 years of experience in addressing the needs of people for whom social determinants of health are a glaring challenge, including:

  • Children and families in child welfare services including foster care
  • People with chronic physical health conditions (Type 2 diabetes, COPD, etc.)
  • Individuals with serious mental illness
  • People experiencing homelessness
  • Members not engaged in preventative/primary care
  • Behavioral health issues that are identified in primary clinics
  • Children readmitted to psychiatric hospitals

The Proven Partner for Managed Care Organizations

With our combination of in-home grit, behavioral health experience, and case management, KVC is the ideal advisor and implementer of services. We can guide you along this unfamiliar path to the best possible outcomes. What we’re proposing is a new kind of partnership, one involving a lot more equality and responsibility than most of the other existing partnerships. After all, if nothing changes…then nothing changes. We’re committed to changing with the times in order to do what we do best: serve the people who need us.

Will you come along with us? We hope you will.

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