The Impact of KVC

KVC touches the lives of tens of thousands of children and families each year. In our last fiscal year, we achieved the following results:

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  • 6,184 families kept safely together
  • 442 children matched with adoptive families (3,385 total adoptions total since 2005)
  • 6,319 children cared for by KVC foster families
  • 21,674 children and adults supported with in-home services
  • 3,492 youth and adults treated at our psychiatric hospitals


  • West Virginia: 396 children and adults received in-home support including behavioral healthcare
  • Kentucky: 1,412 children and adults benefitted from behavioral healthcare services
  • Nebraska: 1,000 youth cared for by KVC foster families
  • Kansas: 1,030 children safely reunified with their 634 families after being in foster care