The Impact of KVC

KVC helps creates meaningful, positive change in the lives of tens of thousands of children and families each year. See how we help people find connection:

View KVC’s 2022 Impact Report HERE


Our Total Impact Over 53 Years:

  • 300,000+ people’s lives positively impacted by KVC
  • 5,783 children matched with adoptive families
  • 60,410 families strengthened
  • 40,151 children supported by loving foster families
  • 115,288 children and adults received in-home services

Our Impact in FY2022:

  • 56,606 people served and positively impacted
  • 11,418 families strengthened
  • 4,634 children in foster care were cared for by relatives or foster families
  • 18,540 children and adults received in-home therapeutic services
  • 3,439 children safely prevented from entering foster care
  • 609 children safely reunited with their families after foster care
  • 372 children matched with loving adoptive families
  • 3,811 admissions at our children’s mental health hospitals and residential treatment centers

Generations of Caring

Meet four people who became involved with KVC as children and learn why they continue supporting the organization today as adults.