Foster Care

Through no fault of their own, more than 400,000 abused, neglected or abandoned children in the U.S. need the care and love that foster families provide. Nearly 7,000 of these children are supported through local subsidiaries of KVC Health Systems.

KVC is a recognized leader in providing foster care services – recruiting, licensing, training and supporting foster families, and supporting the children in their care. We have provided foster care case management since 1996, which is longer than any other private organization in the U.S.

We’re always in need of compassionate families that want to open their home and heart to a child. Learn more about being a foster parent in:

Working toward permanency

Children who enter foster care have been removed from their homes due to abuse, neglect or other challenges.

Foster care is a safe place that gives the child and his/her birth family an opportunity to resolve conflicts or disruptions and learn healthy skills so the child can return home. Slightly more than half of children who go into foster care return to their birth families.

If reintegration with the child’s birth family is not possible, the child will have a chance to find a permanent home through a relative placement, custodianship (guardianship), adoption or independent living.

Helping foster parents help children

KVC social workers and therapists recruit, train and prepare foster parents and their families to become licensed to care for children ages birth to 18. In addition to providing education, medical care and support, foster families also play an important role in helping such children recover from the trauma and/or neglect they have experienced. KVC staff is on call 24/7 to offer support, advice and crisis intervention to foster parents.

Would you like to make a difference in a child’s life? We urge you to consider becoming a foster parent with KVC.