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KVC General Board

genboardKVC Health Systems’ General Board is comprised of Kansas City area business men and women who are committed to supporting and promoting KVC’s mission of enhancing the lives of children and families. Board members do this by attending monthly meetings, planning and hosting third-party fundraisers, serving on event committees, and helping to raise awareness about KVC.

Current Members:

  • Richard Webdell, President
  • Dave Blankenship
  • Michelle Cormack
  • Levi Donals
  • Tom Evans
  • Nicole Feltz
  • Rupal Gor
  • Ryan Hogue
  • Megan Krier
  • Carrie O’Connor
  • Don Ransdell
  • Debbie Swinney
  • Laura Treas
  • Ryan Vaughan
  • Diane Ball Wilkerson
  • Gina Lindell

For more information, please contact Lauren Anderson at leanderson@kvc.org or 913-322-4944.

Young Friends of KVC

Young Friends of KVC is a group of young professionals dedicated to raising awareness of KVC, an organization that enriches and enhances the lives of children and families by providing foster care, adoption and behavioral healthcare services.

The Young Friends group is led by the Young Advisory Board, which works to connect young professionals across the Kansas City metro with KVC through education, event promotion and volunteer opportunities.  The board meets monthly to plan volunteer projects and Young Friends of KVC events.

For information about joining the Young Friends of KVC or attending an upcoming event, check out the Young Friends’ Facebook page. For more information, email youngfriends@kvc.org or contact Lauren Anderson at 913-322-4944.

Current Young Advisory Board Members:

  • Thomas Dutcher, President
  • Courtney Nigro, Vice President
  • Emily Baird
  • Margo Barton
  • Julie Burdick
  • Emily Coatney
  • Kim Daneck
  • Tyler Enders
  • Blake Goodman
  • David Greenwald
  • Linda Howard
  • Susan Jarrold
  • Betty Kaspar
  • Leigha Nay
  • John Ruhmann
  • Stacy Yowell