In-Home Therapy and Other Support

Families from all walks of life often face tremendous challenges that impact their mental and behavioral health or their ability to stay together as a family. KVC provides a path toward hope and healing.

Research shows that therapy is most effective when provided in the home, which is where change must occur. KVC helps over 21,000 children and families each year by providing support in homes. (View our 2017 Annual Report)

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KVC’s primary goal for in-home therapy is to deliver therapeutic solutions that will keep children safely in their homes and with their families. Providing treatment for families in their natural setting offers a unique opportunity for KVC staff to teach authentic coping and problem-solving skills to children and parents alike. Home-based family therapy is an evidence-based modality that offers an extremely adaptive and culturally competent approach to mental health treatment (Macchi and O’Connor 2008).

Licensed therapists at KVC provide in-home mental health treatment for children and families. KVC contacts the identified family within 48 hours of receiving a referral. The initial appointment includes an in-home assessment composed of taking a bio/psych/social history, which helps the clinician make recommendations and develop a treatment plan with the family.