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Short Film Follows Emotional Journey of Young Girl in Foster Care

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ReMoved is a short film that follows the emotional journey of a young girl named Zoe who is removed from her abusive birth home and placed in foster care. The sequel, ReMoved Part Two: Remember My Story, explores Zoe’s struggles to adjust to living with a foster parent while her birth mother attempts to overcome challenges in order to safely reunite her family. ReMoved deals with many feelings and topics that children and families involved in the child welfare system encounter including separation, trauma, anger, sibling relationships and love. Watch below:

ReMoved is directed by Nathanael Matanick and Tony Cruz, and has won multiple awards at several film festivals in the United States and internationally. Visit to learn more and view additional videos.

KVC strengthens thousands of families across the U.S. by preventing the need for foster care, safely reuniting families after foster care and finding permanent adoptive families for children. Learn more about foster care or get involved and make a profound difference in the life of a child by becoming a foster parent! If you can’t foster, please donate or volunteer.

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