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KVC Health Systems

Archive for September, 2014:

KVC Health Systems Drives Dramatic Improvements in D.C. Child Welfare System

Washington DC - Google Maps

KVC’s consulting to Washington, D.C.’s child welfare agency resulted in 47% fewer children removed from their homes each month and children spending significantly less time in foster care.

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Kansas City Royals, KCP&L Partner with KVC to Support Children in Foster Care

Royals pitcher James Shields hosted 250 children in foster care and their families during 2014 season.

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KMBZ Movers and Shakers Podcast

Danielle Bartelli and Jenny Kutz talk about how KVC is changing the way children in foster care are matched with loving, foster and adoptive families.

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Tough cop opens his home, and his heart, to brothers in need

Pittsburgh police detective Jack Mook hopes to teach adopted sons to be self-reliant and successful in life.

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A Rewarding Thing: Adoption

One Alabama couple with six grown biological children adopt six more children from foster care.

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KVC Finds Innovative Ways to Increase Adoptions of Children in Foster Care

KVC’s adoption innovations include a new adoption website, increased use of video and social media, and an Interactive Adoption Center at its corporate headquarters.

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Kevin Briggs: The Bridge Between Suicide and Life

Kevin Briggs, suicide prevention

Retired California highway patrol Sergeant Kevin Briggs has prevented hundreds of suicide attempts on the Golden Gate Bridge by simply listening.

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Florida Family Adopts 6 Children From Foster Care

The Sheeks have two grown children, and said they never thought about fostering or adopting. But last week, they officially welcomed five girls and one boy as part of their family forever.

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When You Have Room at Your Table: A Foster Mom’s Story

Julie was a single woman working as a school teacher when she decided to open her home to children in foster care, simply because she had room at her table.

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5 Ways You Can Join the “People Matter” Movement

Whether a family needs in-home counseling to make it through life’s challenges, a teenager needs compassionate psychiatric treatment, or a child needs a temporary foster family or a forever family through adoption, we exist to serve children and families because people matter.

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