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Archive for July, 2014:

How Childhood Neglect Harms The Brain

Traumatic experiences can cause major damage to a developing brain.

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KVC’s Proprietary Software Matches Children with Families

Matching Families software matches a child’s specific needs with a foster or adoptive family.

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Car Safety Tips to Keep Kids Safe This Summer

When temperatures soar into the 80s, 90s and beyond, parents and caregivers should be mindful about the serious danger of heat stroke – particularly for children.

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Trauma and Self-Care: Taking Care of Your Present While Processing Your Past

The healing journey requires endurance and strength to make it to the finish line.

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Anxious Parents Can Learn How To Reduce Anxiety In Their Kids

Anxiety can be inherited like other mental and physical health problems.

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38 the Spot Partners with KVC Health Systems to Help Children in Foster Care

38 the Spot and KVC Health Systems

Charitable partnership includes complimentary production and airing of public service announcements (PSAs).

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Health Professionals Gather for Child Trauma Training

Social workers, health professionals and nonprofit organizations gathered to learn about childhood traumatic stress.

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“Children of the System” Documentary Examines Foster Care in America

Children of the System documentary

Award-winning journalist Lisa Ling interviewed case workers, a judge, foster parents and families involved in the Los Angeles County child welfare system.

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Benefits of Adopting an Older Child from Foster Care

Everyone needs and deserves the safety and stability that a family can provide. Consider the benefits of adopting an older child from foster care.

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My Kids Are Like Duct Tape – Foster Parenting

Children are meant to stick to one place, or with their caregiver, for their entire childhood. But what happens when that attachment is broken?

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