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Archive for June, 2014:

Kansas Mother Works Hard to be Reunited with Her Children

Keri Strahler’s children were removed from her care and placed with a relative so she could focus on her mental health issues. Since the children have returned home, Keri has put into practice the important lessons she learned through family preservation services offered to her.

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The Daniels Family Journey to Reunification

The Daniels family had their children removed from their home and placed in foster care. Watch Eric and Nicolette’s story about how they worked hard to reunite their family.

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Foster Parent Michael French Nominated for Father of the Year

Jeanetta Davis surprised her foster father with her essay on “What My Father Means To Me”

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Common Myths About Foster Care and Adoption

foster care

Foster care and adoption from foster care are often misunderstood. We’ve identified some of the most common myths along with their realities.

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Family Reunification Month Honors Parents Who Overcame Challenges

During the month of June, we celebrate families that have achieved reunification after facing difficult times.

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KVC Health Systems Breaks Ground on New Research Institute

The new Institute for Practice Improvement and Innovations in Child and Family Services will include special features like a high-tech Interactive Adoption Center to help more children in foster care find their forever family.

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