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Archive for December, 2016:

FREE Resources to Find Out if Foster Parenting is Right for You

Foster parent resource library

Free resource guides contain tips, answers to FAQs and inspiring stories about current foster parents.

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Patton Oswalt Writes Essay About Raising his Daughter as a Single Father

Patton Oswalt and daughter, GQ photo credit

Actor and comedian Patton Oswalt wasn’t prepared to raise his daughter alone, but he keeps pushing himself forward because, for him, being a dad is the only job that matters.

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How Exposure to Violence Changes a Child’s Brain, and How You Can Help

Changing Minds Now Campaign for witnessing violence

A new national campaign is raising awareness about the prevalence and impact of children’s exposure to violence and trauma and providing resources for adults to help kids heal from trauma.

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Protecting and Transforming Childhood

Protecting and transforming childhood KVC health systems change in mind neuroscience resilience toxic stress brain development

Research has found childhood adversity to be common and harmful, but it’s preventable. Learn how you can help protect and transform childhood.

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