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FREE Resources to Find Out if Foster Parenting is Right for You

Foster parent resource library

Have you been curious about foster parenting and wondered if you and your family are ready to open your heart and home to a child in crisis? If you want to find out if foster parenting is right for you, there are many things to consider. We’ve created FREE resource guides to help you learn more.

The free guides include:

While the initial development and launch of these resources is intended to support individuals in KansasNebraskaKentucky and West Virginia (states where KVC provides foster care services), the information is valuable to anyone considering fostering and we encourage you to download them!

Foster parents are needed in every community so that children can remain close to what is familiar to them, especially their families and schools. Foster care is a safe place that gives a child and his or her family an opportunity to resolve conflicts or disruptions and learn healthy skills so the child can safely return home. Foster parents provide a safe and caring environment, and help ensure that a child continues to receive the education, medical care and support they need to thrive. They also play an important role in helping children recover from the trauma and/or neglect they have experienced. More than half of children who enter foster care eventually safely reunite with their families. Learn more about foster care and how to become a foster parent on our website.

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