Success Stories

KVC helps children and families in crisis, because people matter. This helping takes place over time, one child and one family at a time. These stories give a glimpse of how KVC staff, amazing foster/adoptive parents and community partners all come together to make a tremendous positive difference in the lives of children and families who have experienced difficult times.

Parents learn healthy skills so daughter can safely return home

Parents Learn Healthy Skills and Safely Reunify with Daughter 

An investigation of physical abuse led authorities to remove an elementary school aged girl from her home. Her parents relied on yelling and physical discipline to parent their young daughter, and at first, they were reluctant to work with KVC staff. Over time, they felt like KVC was on their team and helped them learn new parenting techniques so their daughter could safely return home.

Single father safely reunifies with familySingle Father Works Hard to Safely Reunite Family [VIDEO]

When James’ suddenly had to become the primary caregiver for his two young children, he felt stressed and overwhelmed with this important responsibility. A court decision was made to remove his children from the home and have a foster family care for them while James learned healthy skills for becoming a successful father in order to safely reunite this family.

Family heals from traumaFamily of Eight Finds Healing from Childhood Trauma, Substance Abuse

The parents of six children were struggling with substance abuse when a judge decided to remove the children from the home. The KVC therapist discovered that the parents had experienced trauma during their childhood and helped the couple heal from their past and learn healthy coping techniques.

Steve White, foster/adoptive parentPersonal Calling Leads to Career for KVC Foster Parent Coordinator

For Steve White, his job feels more like a personal calling. He knows firsthand the joys and challenges that foster parents experience because he was a foster parent before coming to work for KVC. He and his wife adopted three boys from foster care, and Steve hopes to inspire others to foster or adopt.

Bob finds an adoptive family You’re Never Too Old to be Adopted: Bob’s Story [VIDEO]

Bob needed a forever family to adopt him, but over time, the 17-year-old began to think that he was too old to be adopted. Keira Jones came across a video of Bob online talking bout what he desired in a family, and she realized her family could meet all of this needs.

Sierra's storySierra’s Story of Hope, Healing and Resilience [VIDEO]

Growing up, Sierra was abused, neglected and never felt safe in her own home. Her foster parents have been instrumental in helping her heal from her traumatic childhood and experience just being a kid. Sierra hopes her story can help other children who need heroes in their lives that can provide safety, support and love.

Angelica finds a forever familyFoster Care Specialist Embraces Mission to Find Youth an Adoptive Family

Angelica is a sweet teenage girl who needed a family to adopt her. After discussing what she desired in a forever family, Foster Care Specialist Lisa Ahmann was inspired to do whatever it took to find the perfect home for this wonderful young lady.

KVC Prairie Ridge Staff Refuse to Give Up on Struggling Teen Prairie Ridge staff help struggling teen

18-year-old Jessica was struggling with aggressive and destructive behavior, low self-esteem and thoughts of self-harm and suicide. Many of the foster families that she lived with in another state had been unable to understand how her past traumas impacted her behavior and ability to cope with life. But at KVC Prairie Ridge Hospital, staff refused to give up on her.