President’s Innovation Circle

While we reflect on our past achievements during our 50th Anniversary this year, we are setting goals to position KVC for the future— for the next 50 years and beyond. As we lean into the future with bold, ambitious plans, we are focused on staying true to our core value of innovation and enhancing the impact of current programs. Our goal is to build on our continuum of care to serve more children, youth, and families and to do it better with your help.

We appreciate the many ways our supporters give to provide the edge of excellence in our work. Whether it is an unrestricted gift for the overall mission or to a specific area or program such as foster care, adoption, hospitals, and outpatient services, our partners enhance every corner of our work with philanthropy. Generous giving makes it possible for KVC to maintain cutting edge services, increase the mental wellness in the community, and strengthen our families and communities.

If any of us could spend one day in the shoes of a child that doesn’t have a safe home, you would recognize how important KVC is. 

-Robb Murphy

Commemorate our 50th Anniversary by making a minimum gift of $1,000 today as unrestricted support or to the area or program in which you want to make a difference. In doing so, you will join a distinguished cadre of supporters who give $1,000+ annually and share a strong commitment to KVC’s mission as members of the new President’s Innovation Circle.

Members of the President’s Innovation Circle enjoy a deeper level of connection and engagement with KVC. They receive members-only communication and updates directly from President and CEO, Jason Hooper, throughout the year. His messages provide insight into his vision for KVC, including plans, challenges, achievements, and impact.