KVC’s 13-Part Parenting Tips Series

Children don’t come with a handbook, and parenting can feel frustrating and difficult at times. But while there’s no simple guide to parenting, there are many time-tested skills that every parent can benefit from learning. Created by child behavior experts, this series features helpful articles, 1-minute videos and downloadable worksheets.

This series is based on GenPMTO, a research-backed curriculum proven to increase positive parenting, marital satisfaction, child and parent depression, child academic performance, social skills and more.

These tips will:

  • Help you form a loving, life-long bond with your child or teen
  • Show you the best ways to communicate with your child so they listen and easily follow directions
  • Give you strategies to become a calmer parent and create a peaceful, loving home

Check Out Each Tip Below!

  1. How to Have a Great Relationship with Your Child
  2. The Best Way to Get Your Child to Follow Directions
  3. How to Keep Calm in Stressful Parenting Situations
  4. How to Use Encouragement to Reinforce Your Child’s Good Behavior
  5. How to Actively Communicate with Your Child
  6. An Easy Strategy to Solve Recurring Negative Child Behavior
  7. How Parents Can Manage Conflict with Their Children
  8. How to Set Limits and Consequences for Your Child
  9. How to Reward Your Child’s Good Behavior
  10. How to Set Goals with Your Child and Why It’s Important
  11. Strategies to Keeping Track of Your Kids When They’re Not at Home
  12. How to Help Your Child Succeed in School
  13. Why Positive Involvement in Your Child’s Life Is So Important

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