KVC’s Technologies: Software and IT Solutions

iPhone iPad software applications mobile app development kvc health systems mylink telehealth distance learning usda capriza zapps work simple framework safe & connected KVC Health Systems Technologies creates mobile-friendly apps and IT solutions for leaders in behavioral healthcare, child welfare and other fields. As a nonprofit, we are very effective at providing robust technology at minimal cost.

KVC’s technology team of software developers, hardware engineers and other specialists innovate daily to produce effective, customized solutions that benefit thousands of children, adults and families each year.  We can provide the same level of service for your needs.

Lonnie Johnson of KVC Health Systems

Lonnie Johnson, Chief Information Officer

Headshot for Katie Easley of KVC Health Systems

Katie Easley, VP of Information Solutions

Erik Nyberg of KVC Health Systems

Erik Nyberg, VP of Information Technology

Clinical Software Solutions

  • Care – KVC Care™ is a mobile-friendly software suite of foster care, child welfare and behavioral health case management tools. View a one page summary.
  • Matching Families – software that matches children in need of out-of-home care with caregivers such as foster families
  • WorkSimple mobile apps – simplifying processes within KVC’s client management system by deploying them to mobile apps
  • The Framework – a web-based version of the Consultation and Information-Sharing Framework developed by Sue Lohrbach, Executive Director of the KVC Institute. The program digitizes collaboration, critical decision making and case planning, benefitting children and families served by the child welfare and related systems
  • Medication Monitoring – a robust tracking system to monitor the use of psychotropic medication by youth in foster care and other home-based programs
  • MyLink™ – a HIPAA-compliant telehealth and distance learning program that uses secure video conferencing on tablets and other devices to transform the care delivered to children in foster care and the training provided to foster parents

Interested in Clinical Software Solutions? Contact Katie Easley, Vice President of Information Solutions, at (913) 322-4900 or keasley@kvc.org.

Professional IT Services

  • IT Staffing – Get access to technical staff at a significant discount compared most IT service providers. Whether you need a high-level architect to design a system or basic technical support, we have you covered.
  • IT Consulting – We can help with any questions or concerns you have with technology. Not only can we get you the answer, we can find solutions for you that will not break the bank.
  • Hiring – If you would like to hire your own staff and need help finding the right mix of technical skills and other business skills, we are happy to help.

Interested in Professional IT Services? Contact Erik Nyberg, Vice President of Information Technology, at (913) 322-4900 or enyberg@kvc.org.

System Speed Reliability

We offer several products to make your system run with great performance with little to no down-time.

  • Computers – We can assist with implementing devices that work best for your organization. This could be in the form of Windows Laptops, Macs, Chromebooks, or Tablets. We will look at the type of work you do and provide solutions that match the tasks you need to complete and the locations you need to complete them. The variety of devices we have mastered allows us to find the performance you need at a price level you can afford.
  • Cloud Integration – Use Microsoft, Amazon, Google or other cloud providers where the best value can be achieved to speed performance, remote work, start new service, or provide redundancy.
  • File Storage & Sharing – KVC is able to assist with using cloud providers such as Box, OneDrive, and Google Drive. We can also provide on-site storage to potentially save cost and increase performance. Our storage strategy enables powerful collaboration. Share and work on documents with people inside and outside your organization.
  • Networking – Securely connect to your own private network or the internet from anywhere in your office or out with your customers. We provide services and equipment that are easy to manage, work reliably, and connect fast.

Interested in System Speed Reliability Services? Contact Erik Nyberg, Vice President of Information Technology, at (913) 322-4900 or enyberg@kvc.org.


We can provide unified communications in several forms like Skype, Teams, Webex, and Zoom to collaborate, communicate, video conference, and voice conference. This can greatly increase your ability to work together and get things done faster.

Interested in Communication Services? Contact Erik Nyberg, Vice President of Information Technology, at (913) 322-4900 or enyberg@kvc.org.


Do you spend time repeating data entries, financial transactions, or other business transactions? We speed up data entry and automate the sharing of data between your accounting, HR, marketing, and other systems. We can save FTEs-worth of time by reducing or eliminating manual, repetitive work.

  • Webforms – We can create data entry forms that can be completed from any device that runs a web browser including smart phones, tablets, and laptops. Having the data in one place allows automated processes, increases security, and allows reports that can give great insight into your organization.
  • Application Integration – Map data between software and forms so that it flows automatically. This reduces manual entry, allows more research for solutions to business problems and makes customers happier.
  • Machine Learni​ng/AI – Use the latest technology to find patterns in your data. These patterns can be used to do repetitive tasks, keep an eye on the network, and ensure compliance.
  • Reports – Compile and send data automatically. Get the information you need to run your organization at your fingertips. Find key insights on how to make staff and employees happy.

Interested in Automation Services? Contact Erik Nyberg, Vice President of Information Technology, at (913) 322-4900 or enyberg@kvc.org.


Ensure your data is safe and your systems are not endangered by social engineering, hackers, viruses or other types of attacks. We can ensure your data is backed up and safe from just about any attack. We can implement technology to help keep your email safe, prevent system break-ins, and stop viruses before they can do any damage.

  • Computer Protection – Ensure you have security software running on your devices that rarely if ever let viruses or other malicious files run.
  • Offline Backup – Make sure your data is backed up offsite and/or offline so that if a virus or hacker gets loose on your network, you can recover quickly
  • Email Protection – Use AI/Machine Learning to provide the best e-mail filtering product on the market. Most security incidents start with e-mail, so this is the most important into the network to protect.
  • Internet Protection – Stay safe no matter where your employees are. Remote employees often don’t have the same protection as employees in a main office. It does not have to be this way.

Interested in Security Services? Contact Erik Nyberg, Vice President of Information Technology, at (913) 322-4900 or enyberg@kvc.org.