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KVC Health Systems

KVC Releases CARE Software Built In-House

KVC CARE software

KVC’s talented team of software engineers in its Information Solutions Department is building a new platform called CARE. CARE is a modern, mobile-friendly application built to support case management, therapy and other types of client records for behavioral healthcare and child welfare. It is replacing several legacy systems built in-house, while adding additional functionality to benefit users.

The first release of CARE was an application called CAREConsult, or the Consultation and Information Sharing Framework. It is a digital version of the process that KVC uses to make decisions with families involved in the child welfare system.

The second release of CARE applications benefitted KVC Nebraska. The team transformed six frequently-used Word documents into web-based forms, easily accessible on mobile devices. The forms are used to document interaction with clients and foster families that happens in homes or in the community.

Some cool features of these CARE forms:

  • Mobile access. Forms can be completed on smartphones or tablets, a huge benefit for staff who spend the majority of their time in the field.
  • Clients, foster parents and staff can sign forms electronically on a mobile device using their finger or on a laptop using their mouse.
  • Sophisticated workflows allow for multi-step approval processes.

Staff are excited about each release of CARE. Because the software saves them time documenting their work, they can focus on what they do best – working directly with children and families providing high-quality, effective services.