Tell Us Your KVC Story and Win a Prize

KVC Story Contest - Your story can change the world

Sharing the challenging or beautiful things you’ve experienced can inspire others. As Demi Lovato said, “Every life has purpose. Share your story and you may help someone find theirs.”

Who Can Enter: KVC Health Systems’ Story Contest is open to everyone with a connection to KVC! That includes children, teens, adults, families, team members, and supporters. You can enter multiple times. Please fill out a separate entry for each story.

How to Enter: Take 5 minutes to answer one of these story prompts and explain how KVC is part of your story:

  • Tell us about a difficult experience you faced and how you found the strength and support from KVC to overcome it.
  • Share about when you felt you were making a positive difference in another person’s life.
  • What does KVC mean to you or why does its mission resonate with you?
  • If you had a great experience with KVC, tell us about what happened and how it made you feel.
  • Describe an example of kindness you have experienced or shown to another person, as part of your connection to KVC.
  • Has someone connected to KVC positively influenced you and how?
  • Also, since we are celebrating our 50th anniversary this October, we are seeking stories of how KVC made a positive difference in people’s lives in the 1970s, 80s, and 90s through today! Please submit your story and help spread the word!


Win KVC swag! Weekly drawings.

  • Instant Prize: You’ll immediately get downloadable lock screens for your phone.
  • Weekly Prizes: Every Friday, people who entered that week will be entered to win KVC swag including a white tumbler with rainbow straw and tote bag!
  • Grand Prizes: $50 gift cards will be awarded to the top stories we select to publish.

Any questions? While all stories MUST be entered using the form below, you can ask questions or send photos to go along with your story to

Check out past winners for some inspiration! 

Contest ends Friday, August 28, 2020