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Be Inspired by These 20 Foster Care, Adoption and Children’s Mental Health Success Stories

Children's mental health success stories foster care success stories adoption success stories

Everyone goes through tough times. In fact, 2 out of every 3 people have experienced serious childhood adversity like abuse, neglect, witnessing violence, or having a family member attempt or die by suicide.

KVC Health Systems is a family of nonprofit organizations working to strengthen families and stop this cycle of childhood adversity. To that end, we know there is power in people sharing their personal stories of overcoming traumatic and difficult experiences. If you have such a story, sharing it with the appropriate audience and with the support of a mental health professional can encourage someone else and change the world.

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Storytelling’s power is why, each year, KVC Health Systems holds a Story Contest. We celebrate the inspiring ways children and adults have healed from serious challenges like child abuse, neglect, strained relationships, mental health needs, addiction, loneliness and hopelessness. Our nationwide team and supporters are grateful to have been a part of these stories.

We received over 100 entries to our 2020 Story Contest, making it our biggest contest ever. Since then, we’ve been sharing the stories online. The stories came from youth and families we’ve served, foster or adoptive families who support our mission, and KVC team members who provide in-home family support, behavioral health, foster care, adoption, children’s psychiatric hospital treatment or other vital services. The stories highlight the resilience of people we serve and the compassion and expertise of our team members.

The KVC Story Contest uses a team of judges to select the most emotionally compelling stories. The top winners received Amazon gift cards, several people won swag like tote bags and tumblers, and everyone who submitted a story got custom wallpaper to use on their smartphones.

Now is a great time to check out any of these stories you may have missed! Also, please enter our 2021 Story Contest taking place in May. You can win KVC swag and Amazon gift cards!


Child feels hopeful thinking of the rainbow after the stormConnection First: How a KVC Therapist Created a Safe Space for Healing from Child Abuse

Submitted by Catrina Brown, KVC Hospitals

Ryan story from KVC Niles Prep in Kansas City, MOAngry Student Transforms Into a Successful High Schooler With Help from a Caring Teacher

Submitted by Ryan Ratzlaff, KVC Niles

Case Manager Helps Mom Safely Reunify with Baby Girl

Submitted by Emily Cavender, KVC West Virginia


Tandy - Child in foster care with KVC becomes foster parent herselfTeen in Foster Care with KVC Kansas Later Becomes a Foster Parent Herself

Submitted by Tandy Lindstrom, KVC Kansas

Finding the Missing Pieces: How a Young Boy Found His Forever Home

Submitted by Lisa Ahmann, KVC Nebraska


KVC’s Commitment to People Moves Me to Tears (See Pg. 17)

Submitted by Evalinda Coria, KVC Health Systems



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