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KVC Health Systems

KVC Celebrates Impact and Honors Supporters at 2023 Annual Celebration

On October 19th, KVC Health Systems unveiled its positive impact in the lives of children and families at its 2023 Annual Celebration at KVC’s Ball Event Center in Olathe, Kansas.

KVC acknowledged employees, donors, and partners; released its 2023 Impact Report; shared inspiring stories about the positive difference the organization has made in the lives of those they serve; and honored community members who have joined them in this work. At this event, guests connected with old and new friends over complimentary drinks and hors d’oeuvres immediately following the program.

Check out photos of the event here.

Making an Incredible Impact in 2023

Each year KVC positively affects the lives of children, adults and families through its diverse continuum of services including in-home family support, foster care, adoption, behavioral healthcare, substance use treatment, and children’s mental health hospitals.

While KVC has become a national leader in child and family wellbeing, the heart of our work remains simple and local: it’s about helping people. We began as a group of families and friends moved to help specific children who were in need. As we’ve grown, we’ve continued to be anchored by resilient roots – people who care about their neighbors and connect with like-minded friends to make sure every child is safe, supported and loved.

During fiscal year 2023, KVC:

  • Made a positive difference in over 74,000 people’s lives this past year.

    Hope Romero & Ashton Johns From KVC MO’s Expressive Arts Program

  • Strengthened over 13,000 families, helping parents create safe, loving homes.
  • Prevented child abuse and neglect by stabilizing families in crisis and supporting families to care for nearly 5,000 children in foster care.
  • Safely prevented 3,653 children from entering foster care by helping their parents overcome challenges.
  • Helped 565 children safely reunite with their families after they experienced foster care.
  • Supported 4,849 children in foster care, cared for by relatives or foster families.
  • Matched 409 children with loving adoptive families, bringing the total number of children matched with forever families in the agency’s history to 6,580.
  • Provided in-home services such as family therapy, behavioral healthcare and skill-building to  22,625 children & adults.
  • Helped people achieve mental wellness through our 4,688 youth admissions to our acute children’s mental health hospitals and residential programs and over 35,000 people served with other mental health services.
  • Provided over 15,612 expressive therapy sessions.

Click here to read the full 2023 Annual Report.

Watch KVC’s 2023 Annual Celebration online here!

KVC Hero Award Recipients:

Annual Celebration- Hero award Malachi “Chi” Coleman and family are the recipients of this year’s KVC Hero Award. While experiencing foster care as a child, KVC Nebraska supported Malachi Coleman and his sister when they needed a foster family and were eventually adopted by Craig and Miranda Coleman. As an exceptionally talented athlete, Malachi is now using his voice to help other kids in foster care see their worth and potential. After being regarded as the No. 1 college football recruit in Nebraska and one of the top prospects in the country, Malachi began playing for the Nebraska Cornhuskers this fall, he is raising money and giving back. Through his fundraising and advocacy, Malachi hopes to make foster care better for the next generation of kids.

Watch their story below:

KVC Values-Driven Partner Award Recipients:

The heart of our work is helping people.

Our character is built on authenticity & compassion.
Cheryl Rathbun, Saint Francis Ministries
Walt Hill, High Plains Mental Health Center

Family connection drives our culture.
Providence Montessori School

Collaboration fuels our improvement.
Dr. Dianna Phillips, Fairmont State University

Urgency and innovation mark our approach.
Dane G. Hansen Foundation
Robert & Patricia Schmidt Foundation
Patterson Family Foundation

Diverse perspectives are key to our progress.
St. Louis County Children’s Service Fund
Children’s Services Fund of Jackson County
Boone County Children’s Services Fund 

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