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Donor Spotlight: Everyday Heroes Richard Webdell, Laura Treas & Don Ransdell

KVC Health System’s mission is to serve children and families through medical, behavioral, social and education services. This wouldn’t be possible without the dedicated people behind our work. The three people we’re spotlighting have generously supported KVC for many years, and we’re grateful for their significant contributions. 

Laura Treas started volunteering with KVC nearly two decades ago. Her passion and commitment to KVC led both her partner Don Ransdell and brother Richard Webdell to join her on the KVC Regional Board over a decade ago. As KVC Foundation President Michelle Lawrence states “Laura, Richard and Don contribute their time, talent and treasure as a family which amplifies their impact. It is quality time at its best.” You can make an impact as well— through volunteering or giving to KVC’s Everyday Heroes program.

Dedicating Time and Resources

When Don attended a KVC Health System Board meeting with Laura, he had many thoughts and insights. The next step was crystal clear in both of their minds — Don needed to join the Board to share his ideas firsthand. 

For Laura, dedicating oneself to a single organization is key to creating a substantial impact. “When you choose an organization to devote to, change really does happen,” Laura says. At KVC, Laura found the opportunity to make a difference and support children in the community. Laura is a long-time member of the KVC Gala committee as well, and has been instrumental in the success of this annual fundraiser.


Supporting KVC Health Systems provides the opportunity to strengthen families in your community and prevent traumatic child abuse and neglect. You’ll be helping families in crisis and ensuring children and teens have access to the life-saving mental health support they need. By donating to KVC, you can help individuals create a brighter future for themselves. There are many ways to give, and our monthly giving program is one way for you to ensure individual needs are met on an ongoing basis. 

“Everyday Heroes is a monthly giving program for KVC supporters who want to make an immediate and ongoing impact in their communities,” explains Amanda Volmer, Donor Relations Manager for KVC. “In 2021, our Everyday Heroes supported innovative, effective, and compassionate care programs, positively impacting over 60,000 individuals served by KVC. Our Everyday Heroes move us closer to our shared vision of a world where every person is safe and connected to a strong family and a healthy community.“

Experiencing the Impact

Don notes a special outcome of volunteering with KVC. “It touches a part of you,” he says. “The part of you that wants to help other people, particularly children who can’t help themselves. It’s gratifying.” 

At KVC Health Systems, we’re proud to partner with donors, volunteers and team members to make a positive difference in families across the communities we serve. In fact, we’ve been able to support over 300,000 children and families with the services we provide throughout our history. From providing safe homes for children, mental health care for teens and important education to break through adversity for adults, KVC is here for each person during their time of need.

“It’s not just adoption or foster care,” Richard says. “It’s working within families and communities for kids that are in need. That encompasses a vast amount of services that are difficult to get across in conversation.”

“Together, we create a path towards hope and healing through crisis management, in-home therapy, skill-building, and connecting family needs with community resources,” Amanda explains. “Our family preservation programs aim to help families remain safely together, divert children from entering foster care whenever safely possible and improve family relationships. When reunification isn’t an option, we connect children with loving forever families through adoption.” You can learn more about KVC’s extensive continuum of care here

Supporting the Community 

Don Ransdell and Laura Treas at KVC’s 2022 Gala.

“As a mother, you really understand the challenges of raising children,” Laura notes. “Sometimes you need help.” With that understanding, Laura’s contributions to KVC have a deeper meaning. 

The services we offer at KVC Health Systems are working to prevent child abuse and neglect. In foster care, children who can’t safely live at home find a nurturing environment in a temporary loving foster home until the time comes that they can return to a biological caregiver. Foster parents are trained to provide a supportive place for kids. That’s where we begin to help children recover from trauma or neglect. Funds from our Everyday Heroes program can be used to provide direct support to these foster families. This can include anything from medical attention or orthodontic work to educational expenses, or even simple items to help the children thrive; such as soccer uniforms, musical instruments or prom dresses.

“I’ve seen firsthand the impact KVC has on our community through events, activities and services,” Richard relates. Through each endeavor, KVC is able to create change and support children across numerous states. In over 30 years of service, more than 25,000 people have achieved mental wellness and moved toward a healthier, happier life after utilizing services available at our psychiatric hospitals. And donations from Everyday Heroes make a big difference towards driving our mission forward.

I support KVC because the work they do is extremely important, and they do it extremely well. I shudder to think what the world would look like if they didn’t exist.      – Don Ransdell

Playing Your Part: KVC Everyday Heroes

You too can make a difference in the lives of the children and families KVC Health Systems supports. Our Everyday Heroes opportunity is a monthly giving program for those who want to make a difference right now in their community. 

Michelle shares that “Our Everyday Heroes monthly giving program appeals to our ‘investor’ style donors. They enjoy the convenience of a monthly gift and regular updates on the impact of their giving. Over a longer period of time they see a stronger organization, thanks to their regular and predictable support informing future cash flow.” 

Children are experiencing difficult mental health challenges and heart-wrenching situations in their homes. What do these children need? An Everyday Hero like you. You can be a vital part of the resources, support and services children and families in our community receive. Learn more about becoming an Everyday Hero today


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