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#GivingTuesday | December 2nd

#GivingTuesday is a global movement that started in 2012 as a day dedicated to giving back. People all around the world come together to celebrate generosity and to give back. On Tuesday, December 2, we ask you to join this movement and consider giving to KVC.

Check out this video from to learn more!

Every November, we celebrate children finding their forever families and finalizing adoptions during National Adoption Month and National Adoption Day (Nov. 22). Children get a home for the holidays and for always during an important time of year for them to have family and the basic supports they need. We invite you to give in your own way to help advance adoptions of children and teens who cannot be safety reunited with their birth families and are seeking forever families.

There are several different ways you can give:

1. Donate to our Home for the Holidays Campaign

KVC helps over 40 children get adopted each month. There are over 100,000 American children in foster care waiting to be adopted. Nearly 100 of these children are listed on our website, waiting for their forever family. Your gift will help find forever families for children in our care.


Make an online donation


2. Share adoption videos and profiles

Our new KVC Adoptions website was launched in September 2014 with the capability to integrate well with social media sites like Facebook. The website also allows us to include videos of children expressing their unique personalities and explaining what they want in a family. You can help by simply following our teams involved with adoption on social media and sharing child videos/profiles with your unique sphere of influence. This greatly increases the chances that these children will find families! By educating your family and friends about the need and advocating for specific children, you become a part of the KVC adoption recruitment and marketing team! So simple – yet so powerful.

Here’s an example of a Facebook post to share with your followers:



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3. Sign up for our newsletter

Visit our adoption website to join our mailing list or click the ‘Sign Up’ button below. Educate yourself and others about the number of children searching for forever families and the need for adoptive families. Our adoption website also has information on the adoption process, training classes, support groups and success stories.

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