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Kansas Intensive Permanency Program (KIPP) Safely Reunites Mother and Son

Amy’s son Russell struggled with his anger and frequently had thoughts of self-harm. Amy had heard many times that Russell would never be a functioning member of society and that he needed to be institutionalized for her and her family’s safety. For any parent, this is a devastating thing to hear, and Amy did not want to give up on her son. His threatening behavior began to worsen at home and at school, so the Kansas Department for Children and Families decided to have Russell removed from his home and placed into foster care.

Due to Russell’s threatening behavior, he went to KVC Prairie Ridge Hospital to receive treatment for his aggression and thoughts of self-harm. While there, he learned how to cope with his anger through the use of Emotion Regulation Tools and discovered how to be a trusted individual again. Also during this time, Amy and Russell participated in the Kansas Intensive Permanency Program (KIPP), which is a statewide partnership between the University of Kansas, the Kansas Department for Children and Families, KVC Kansas and St. Francis Community Services. The goals of the KIPP are to:

  • provide intensive services to support families with children in foster care
  • help families of children with serious emotional disturbance (SED) reintegrate earlier and with more stability
  • increase families’ capacity to provide for their children’s needs
  • work with the family and community on addressing barriers to reintegration
  • connect families to community services and supports

Both Amy and Russell were able to receive these intensive services including individual and family therapy in order to safely reunite Russell with his family. Amy also learned effective parenting techniques and skills to better understand Russell’s needs. Amy and Russell continue to do well and have almost completed their Aftercare Services.

Watch this short video to learn more about Amy and Russell, and hear from these KVC staff who helped them in their journey: Justin Bastin, KIPP Therapist for KVC Kansas and Heather Leader, LMSW, Intensive In-Home Therapist for KVC Kansas

Learn more about the Kansas Intensive Permanency Program (KIPP) and about KVC’s work in the state of Kansas.

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