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Strategies to Keeping Track of Your Kids When They’re Not at Home

Parenting skills: tips for monitoring and supervising your child kvc health systems

By Erica Herzog, LMFT
Director of Intensive In-Home Services – East Region, KVC Kansas

This article is the 11th in a 13-part series on parenting skills. See previous articles.

Think back to the last time your child was not with you. Perhaps you were at work, going to an appointment, running errands or having dinner with a friend. Where was your child during that time? Were they at school, a friend’s house, being watched by a babysitter or attending an extracurricular activity? As parents, it can be challenging to stay on top of our children’s schedules and whereabouts as we juggle so many other responsibilities.

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Communication is key. Being able to talk openly with your child, his or her peers, and other adults in the community will increase your ability to stay informed of your child’s whereabouts, activities, interactions and behaviors. Practice asking the five key questions below to the adults supervising your child. If age-appropriate, trying asking your child these questions.

  • Where are you going? 
  • Who will be there? 
  • What will you be doing? 
  • When will you be home? 
  • How will you get there and back?  

Interested in improving your skills using these tips for monitoring and supervising your child? Download this practice worksheet!

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