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KVC Celebrates Staff During Social Work Month

National Social Work Month in March shines a spotlight on the important contributions made by social workers to improve relationships within families, make social systems more effective and build stronger communities. Throughout the month, KVC is recognizing and celebrating staff nationwide who provide exceptional care and support to children and families in need.

Here’s how each of our teams celebrated Social Work Month 2016:
(See our Social Work Month videos, articles and graphics from last year here.)


Our Kansas team recognized and celebrated staff from several different offices throughout the month of March on the KVC Kansas Facebook page. Each week, KVC Kansas shared posts about their featured social workers’ schooling, job responsibilities and passions and the posts received a large number of ‘likes’ and comments of congratulations. In addition, the team released two new videos featuring interviews with KVC Kansas social workers and therapeutic case managers. Click here to watch the interviews.




Staff at KVC Prairie Ridge Hospital in Kansas City, Kan., also celebrated Social Work Month in March. Staff enjoyed breakfast to celebrate their hard work and dedication to serving clients in need of psychiatric treatment and care. An Appreciation Event also took place, allowing staff to relax, enjoy a meal and watch some college basketball games during March Madness.



NEThe hard work and success of our staff working in all parts of Nebraska was recognized throughout the month of March on the KVC Nebraska Facebook page.

The child placing agency (foster care) team in the Omaha office was mentioned as the most fun, dedicated, caring, kind and resilient professionals out there. Staff included Page Page, Beth Hellion, Rachel Garcia, Morgan Emmert, Carrie Shropshire, Amanda Kneifl, Cecilia Lee, Chris Felos, Erik Christensen, Ashley Hein, Sam Callaghan, Cynthia Griess-Johnston, Erin Burnley, Yvonne Harper, Jen Liebenthal and Lauren Ronfeldt.

The intensive in-home team was recognized for their compassion, hard work, and dedication to keep the bar high in terms of quaility service to ensure all youth and families have a voice and choice in creating postive change for themselves and their families. Staff include Missy Lile, April Clegg, Joni White, Kristi Quattrochi, Poli McClatchey, Sheena Reichenberg and Cassandra Dittmer.



Staff were recognized and shared their stories throughout the month of March on the KVC Kentucky Facebook page. Here is one post highlighting a Family Preservation Service Specialist:

KY 4.06.22 PM

Julie Tucker

“Julie Tucker has been working with KVC since October of 2015 as a Family Preservation Service Specialist. Julie has a bachelor’s degree in Elementary Education and an Master’s in Social Work from Asbury University. When asked why she does this work, Julie says, “The days can be long and the family/home situations can be difficult, but I would not trade this job for anything. The reward that I have received at the closure of each family knowing that I have made a difference could not be more amazing.” Julie is one of many that make a difference each day with KVC. Thank you Julie for sharing your story!”



Staff members from several different offices were recognized and celebrated each day on the KVC West Virginia Facebook page. People in many different roles were highlighted including social workers, therapists, case managers, adoption specialists, home finders and more!



In addition to these state-specific links, we shared about Social Work Month on our national Facebook page, Twitter and Instagram.

THANK YOU to all of our staff nationwide for your passion, dedication and commitment to helping children and families in need! 

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