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KVC Health Systems Launches Campaign on Brain Development, Toxic Stress & Resilience

KVC Health Systems launches campaign on brain development, toxic stress and resilience

KVC Health Systems, a leader in behavioral healthcare and child welfare, has launched a public awareness campaign on healthy brain development in children. See the three ads below or learn more at

Through three animated commercials airing on KCPT – Kansas City PBS, KVC Health Systems aims to educate children, caregivers and communities on the critical importance of positive interactions with adults for preparing youth for a lifetime of health and wellness. The latest neuroscience shows that, in order for communities to enjoy health and prosperity, they must ensure that all children have the opportunity to develop healthy brains.

The campaign’s three 15-second spots highlight three related topics:

  • Healthy Brain Development – “Did you know that brains are not just born? They’re built through positive interactions. It’s important for every child to have at least one caring adult. Talk with children, ask questions about their interests, and show them you care. Healthy, prosperous communities start with healthy childhoods.”
  • Toxic Stress – “Everyone has stress, but did you know that toxic stress interrupts a child’s brain development? Toxic stress results from repeated exposure to abuse, neglect or serious hardship. Let’s protect and nurture children. Healthy, prosperous communities start with healthy childhoods.”
  • Resilience – “Resilience is the brain’s ability to overcome adversity, and it’s never too late to help children learn new resilience skills such as improved coping and strengthened social skills. Let’s make sure all children have safe communities, supportive caregivers, and time for play. Healthy, prosperous communities start with healthy childhoods.”


The campaign arises out of KVC’s strong track record of bringing trauma-informed care into child welfare, psychiatric residential treatment settings and related systems. By adapting the Trauma Systems Therapy (TST) model of New York University’s Dr. Glenn Saxe to help children who have experienced serious abuse, neglect or mental and behavioral health crises, KVC has improved the health and wellness of thousands of youth.

KVC expanded its trauma-informed care work into a larger neuroscience initiative which has benefits for every child and adult; not only those in foster care or children’s psychiatric hospitals. During the last three years, KVC has been one of just 15 U.S. and Canadian nonprofit organizations selected to participate in the Change in Mind initiative led by the Alliance for Strong Families and Communities. The initiative is conducted in partnership with the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation and the Palix Foundation’s Alberta Family Wellness Initiative. The Change in Mind cohort is working to use neuroscience research to influence practice, policy and public decisions.

Learn more about this important campaign on brain development at

About KVC Health Systems, Inc.
KVC Health Systems, headquartered in the greater Kansas City area, is a private, nonprofit 501(c)3 organization committed to enriching and enhancing the lives of children and families by providing medical and behavioral healthcare, social services, and education. KVC’s diverse continuum of services includes in-home family support, foster care, adoption, behavioral healthcare, and children’s psychiatric hospitals. In its 47-year history, KVC has grown from a single Kansas home for boys to a national organization touching over 60,000 people’s lives each year in Kansas, Missouri, Nebraska, Kentucky and West Virginia and providing training and consultation internationally. KVC is accredited by The Joint Commission, considered the gold standard in healthcare. Learn more at