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KVC’s Erin Stucky Completes Annie E. Casey Fellowship

*Photo credit: The Annie E. Casey Foundation

In November 2014, KVC Executive Vice President Erin Stucky completed the Annie E. Casey Foundation Children and Family Fellowship. The 20-month executive leadership program strives to increase the pool of visionary leaders committed to lead and sustain major system reforms and community change initiatives that benefit large numbers of children and families. Stucky was the second KVC executive to participate in the fellowship; Executive Vice President Sandra Gasca-Gonzalez was part of the 2010-2011 class.

Stucky was nominated to join the fellowship by a KVC Board Member, and after completing a grueling application and interview process, she was selected to join 15 other members for the 2013-2014 class. The fellowship complemented Stucky’s transition into the Executive Vice President role at KVC as she began overseeing system-wide operation functions with the purpose of serving the entire KVC network.

Erin-Stucky-2“I want the work that I do to help ensure all young people have a permanent connection to a family, all families are self-sufficient and all systems that support children and families are working well for them.” -Erin Stucky


Stucky hopes to continue her path of leadership development by focusing on the shared positive results for children and families through KVC’s entire system of services. Her current focus is on KVC’s #NeverStopCaring initiative, which envisions transforming the closing Sugar Grove naval base in Pendleton County, W.Va. into a specialized career college for youth aging out of foster care. If the proposal comes to fruition, the ensuing Sugar Grove College could become a new national model for how to help a vulnerable population while creating jobs in the region, including an emphasis on employing military veterans.

Congratulations Erin Stucky on the completion of the fellowship! Click here to learn more about Stucky’s selection for the Annie E. Casey Foundation Children and Family Fellowship and read the list of 2013-2014 class members.