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Memoirs Detail Foster Care Journey and Beyond

Ashley Rhodes-Courter was born in 1985 to a single teen mother. When she was three, she entered Florida’s foster care system. For almost ten years, she was shuffled between 14 foster homes and two group homes before being adopted at the age of 12. Despite her difficult childhood, Ashley has become a successful adult, earning many academic achievements and awards, starting a family and being a voice for other children in foster care.

Ashley is also an internationally-recognized motivational speaker and author of two memoirs, “Three Little Words” and “Three More Words“. She hopes her story inspires others to take action in their communities, praises those who are already doing incredible work, and gives strength to those who may be struggling with difficulties in their own lives. Read more about her books below and pick up your copy at

Three Little Words 
In 2003, Ashley wrote an essay about her adoption which was published in The New York Times Magazine. She expanded her essay into a memoir called Three Little Words, which was published in 2008 and quickly became an international bestseller. The book details Ashley’s journey through the foster care system and is currently being made into a major motion picture.

Three More Words 
Ashley’s second book, Three More Words, expands on her life beyond the foster care system. She earned a scholarship to Eckerd College, graduating with honors and ahead of schedule. Ashley then went on to earn a Master’s Degree in Social Work from the University of Southern California. Early in her life, she felt compelled to advocate for herself and other children in foster care, so Ashley became a CASA volunteer and a foster parent, caring for more than 20 children. Ashley and her husband have two biological children and one adopted child.

Learn more about Ashley Rhodes-Courter, International Bestselling Author.

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