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New Thriving Magazine: Read Stories of Connection, Community Support & More

The newest issue of KVC Health Systems’ print magazine, Thrivingis now available online here! This Fall/Winter 2023 issue is packed full of stories about people finding the powerful human connection and help needed to break the cycle of adversity; live happy, healthy lives; and create bright futures. Read below for some of the great content you’ll find inside.

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COVER STORY – The Loneliness Epidemic: Cultivating a Culture of Connection

The U.S. Surgeon General recently released an advisory on the loneliness epidemic, calling attention to the fact that connection is a fundamental human need for survival. Discover how prioritizing connection with other people can lead to healing, support well-being and combat the negative health effects of loneliness.  

Read it now in Thriving or read the expanded online article here.

Children’s Mercy and KVC Health Systems Form Joint Venture to Build New $53 Million Mental Wellness Campus 

As our nation faces a mental health crisis, two leading children’s healthcare organizations have come together to build a new $53 million Mental Wellness Campus in Olathe, KS. Camber’s trauma-informed, neuroscience-driven inpatient mental health treatment model, combined with Children’s Mercy’s world-class pediatric care, research, and community engagement, will elevate mental health and community health outcomes for decades to come.  

Read it now in Thriving or read the expanded online article here. 

What Every Caregiver Needs to Know About Teenage Brain Development

The adolescent years are a unique time of growth and change. Gain a better understanding of teenage brain development and learn how to promote healthy behavior. 

Read it now in Thriving or read the expanded online article here.

Turning the Page as a KVC Social Worker 

Andrea Rishel, a KVC Case Manager in Kentucky, set out to gather some books for one family. But an outpouring of community support turned her mission into something much larger.  

Read it now in Thriving or read the expanded online article here.

7 Ways You Can Help a Child in Foster Care (Without Being a Foster Parent) 

Fostering is one of many ways to help children in crisis. If being a foster parent isn’t right for you, you can still get involved. Find out how you can make an impact.

Read it now in Thriving or read the expanded online article here.

KVC Missouri’s New Leaders & Services Aim to Strengthen Child and Family Wellbeing Statewide  

The expanded KVC Missouri team of 800 professionals now serves thousands of families each year at 20 locations including Kansas City, St. Louis, and Springfield. Learn more about the broader continuum of care KVC is bringing to Missouri and the positive impact our services are making.

Read it now in Thriving 

Meet Children Who Need a Forever Family

Rachael, Trevor, Bre’Anna and Nicholas are each waiting for a loving adoptive family. Learn more about these youth, including their unique personalities, strengths and interests. 

Read it now in Thriving or visit the KVC Adoption website (Kansas youth).

How Caregivers Can Celebrate Children’s Textured Hair 

Proper hair care allows children to feel loved and celebrated. Learn the importance of textured hair care and get tips and resources.

Read it now in Thriving or read the expanded version online here


There are many more stories packed into this issue of Thriving. Check it out today!



You can also visit our news archive to view past issues of our print magazine.

KVC Health Systems is a family of private, nonprofit organizations that strengthen families, prevent child abuse and neglect, and help people achieve mental health wellness. The KVC network has over 2,400 employees nationwide across 60 locations in Kansas, Missouri, Nebraska, Kentucky, and West Virginia. KVC has positively impacted over 300,000 people’s lives in its 50+ year history of providing heart-centered service. In addition, KVC is proud to have a high Indeed Work Wellbeing score of 79, putting it in the top 1-2% of employers and demonstrating it is a great place to work. KVC is accredited by The Joint Commission, considered the gold standard in healthcare. Learn more about KVC Health Systems here and follow us on FacebookInstagramLinkedInYouTube, and Twitter.

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