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KVC Health Systems

City of Olathe, Kansas Honors KVC’s Wayne Sims

KVC Health Systems Past CEO Wayne Sims and City of Olathe, Kansas Mayor Michael Copeland

Last month, City of Olathe, Kansas mayor Michael Copeland presented KVC Health Systems’ past president and CEO with its 2016 Cathedral Builder Award for visionary leadership. Sims led the behavioral healthcare and child welfare organization for a remarkable 35 years, growing it from a single home for at-risk children to a national organization touching nearly 60,000 lives annually. He retired at the end of 2015.

The tribute video features photos from several decades of work, along with comments from Frank Devocelle, president and CEO of Olathe Health System and David Ball, CEO of Balls Food Stores, about Sims’ legacy.

“When I think of Wayne Sims, I think of growth,” said Devocelle. “I think of KVC in a small home taking care of just a couple of children. I think of KVC today taking care of children and families. I think of their growth – 60,000 people taken care of each year in a professional, caring way.

“What I probably remember most about Wayne is the care and empathy shown for children, and it was his vision to have children kept together when placed in foster homes. Brothers and sisters would remain together; not the case in many states.

“Recently KVC had a major expansion and that was named in honor of Wayne and his family. Wayne, congratulations on a great career. Have a great retirement. Enjoy!

David Ball, whose family helped found KVC and who serves as co-chair of the KVC Board of Directors, chimed in saying, “Wayne, I can’t think of a more deserving person for this prestigious award. Your passion for helping children and families, along with your own personal experience as an adoptive father, have given you true meaning and purpose in shaping KVC.

“When Wayne started with KVC back in 1980, we operated a single house in Kansas City, Kansas, serving five boys with an annual budget of $100,000. Fast-forward to today: Wayne has grown that organization from that single family house with only five associates to a nationally-networked system providing child welfare, behavioral healthcare training and consulting services across five states, Kansas, Nebraska, West Virginia, Kentucky and Washington, D.C., and we go as far as Canada, New Zealand and Singapore with over 1,300 associates and an annual budget of $135 million.

“Wayne, without your commitment, passion and leadership, KVC would not be recognized with the outstanding reputation that you have instilled in this organization.”

KVC provides in-home family support, foster care, adoption, behavioral healthcare, youth substance abuse treatment and psychiatric hospitals. The organization has over 1,300 employees working from 33 locations in Kansas, Nebraska, Kentucky and West Virginia. KVC Health Systems is headquartered in Olathe, Kansas. Learn more.

Copeland said, “Today, KVC is proudly leading the way in how we care for kids across the country and around the world. Our high-quality of life starts with a fundamental commitment to our children and I can’t think of anyone who has done more to fulfill that commitment.”