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Single Mom Adopts 6 Sisters From Foster Care

Single mom adopts 6 sisters from foster care
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When Lacey Dunkin was 25-years-old, she made some very important decisions about her future. Single and desiring to be a mother, Dunkin began researching the requirements to become an adoptive parent in California. In 2011, she became a licensed foster parent and received a life-changing phone call shortly after.

In a recent interview with People Magazine, Dunkin described how four sisters – Sophia, Natalie, Melanie and Kaylee – were in need of an emergency placement. Dunkin didn’t hesitate in agreeing to care for the girls, and they arrived at the home she shared with her mother, Jeri, and father, Ronnie, later that day. Fifth sister Lea went to live with another foster family who was better equipped to care for the newborn.

Lacey Dunkin with her parents Jeri, Ronnie and daughters Sophia, Natalie, Melanie, Kaylee, Lea and Cecily.The girls lived with Dunkin for nine months until a court decision was made to reunite all five sisters with their birth mother. Dunkin was able to visit and babysit the girls after they returned home, but soon after, their mother made the hard decision to ask Dunkin to adopt them.

“I told her, ‘You’re giving them more than I could. I couldn’t give them up and you’re loving them more than yourself and that’s big and a lot of people wouldn’t do that,” said Dunkin.

In 2013, the adoption was finalized, and during that time, the girls’ mother found out she was pregnant again. Dunkin didn’t think twice about bringing sixth sister Cecily into their family, and in March 2015, their family became complete.

There are 400,000 American children in foster care due to abuse, neglect or other family challenges. While many will be safely reunified with their birth families, about 100,000 of the children are waiting to be adopted. The need for families that will adopt sibling groups and teenagers is large. Whether you own or rent your home, have children already or don’t, work full-time or stay home, people from all types of backgrounds can adopt from foster care. Click here to learn more or meet the children waiting for their forever family on our adoption website.