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Tips to WIN Against Coronavirus Anxiety: Coping During COVID-19

Family doing puzzle to calm coronavirus anxiety

It’s natural to feel overwhelmed or anxious during this time of unprecedented uncertainty and fear. Human beings are wired to prefer predictability and routine. We typically know when the school day, or the school year, will end for our children. We typically know when our favorite sports teams begin and end their seasons. One of the biggest challenges we’re facing with the coronavirus outbreak is a lack of finality. The end of this crisis isn’t yet known and our coronavirus anxiety seems to be increasing. How do we cope when our comfortable routines have been indefinitely postponed, and the end isn’t yet in sight?

As part of our ongoing series, Coping During COVID-19, KVC’s Chief Clinical Officer, Chad E. Anderson has coronavirus tips and a simple exercise to help you focus and move confidently forward when faced with prolonged uncertainty. Watch this video to learn more.

W.I.N. Against Your Coronavirus Anxiety

W.I.N. is an acronym that stands for What’s Important Now? When you get anxious about thoughts of the future, bring yourself back to the present moment by asking yourself “what’s important now?” Ground yourself in the present. Pinpoint what is important to you in the current moment and the current circumstances. Make it your focus for the day. Repeat this same exercise tomorrow. And the next day. Before you know it, your thoughts will naturally be focused more on what matters, and less on ruminating over an an outcome you can’t predict.

Find an overview of the Coping During COVID-19 series and a preview of what we will be sharing in weeks to come here. You can also follow us on Facebook or Instagram for more updates and information.

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