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KVC Health Systems

Countdown to the Opening of the New KVC Institute

It’s a cold, sunny January day, but that hasn’t slowed down the construction of KVC’s new Institute for Practice Improvement and Innovations in Child and Family Services. The new facility adjoins KVC’s Corporate headquarters in Olathe, Kan. in the greater Kansas City area, and is expected to open in April 2015 — just three short months from now.

By identifying, researching and quickly taking to scale those child welfare and behavioral healthcare practices that are found to be most effective in helping children and families, the new KVC Institute will fulfill its vision to transform foster care in America. Learn more about the key features of the Institute including the planned Learning Community, Technological Improvements and Interactive Adoption Center.



The facility will also relocate some staff for increased sustainability, and expand the Ball Conference Center which hosts hundreds of weddings, conferences and other meetings each year with a portion of proceeds benefiting KVC.

Many large businesses and foundations along with KVC’s generous employees, many of whom contribute monthly, are making this new Institute a reality. See some of the major donors who participated in the groundbreaking ceremony in May 2014.

KVC provides adoption, foster care, family preservation, children’s psychiatric hospitals and other services on behalf of state governments. You can get a sense of KVC’s national impact by viewing its 2014 Annual Report or learning more about the organization’s structure. By partnering with public child welfare agencies from Kansas to Washington, D.C., KVC has helped achieve dramatic improvements such as reducing the time children are in foster care, increasing adoptions, encouraging relatives to care for children and keeping siblings together.

KVC thanks the many organizations, families and individuals who believe in its mission to enrich and enhance the lives of children and families by providing medical and behavioral healthcare, social services and education. Stay connected in the months ahead for in-depth reporting on the Institute’s offerings and exclusive previews of the new space.