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New KVC Thriving Magazine: Find Out Why KVC Is a Great Place to Work and Read New Success Stories

KVC Health Systems Thriving Magazine - Fall 2021 Winter 2022 - Featuring Inside the Heart of KVC: Find Out Why KVC Is a Great Place to Work

The newest issue of KVC Health Systems’ print magazine, Thrivingis now available online here! This late Fall 2021/Winter 2022 issue is packed full of stories about people finding the powerful human connection and help needed to break the cycle of adversity; live happy, healthy lives; and create bright futures. Read below for some of the great content you’ll find inside.

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COVER STORY – Inside the Heart of KVC: Find Out Why KVC Is a Great Place to Work

The Great Resignation has led to a hiring crisis for companies nationwide. If you, like millions of people, are looking for an inspiring mission, a sense of purpose, more flexibility, and caring coworkers, KVC Health Systems might be more than your favorite nonprofit to support; it might also be your next employer. See how a KVC career changes people’s lives, starting with yours.

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LGBTQIA+ youth mental health and how you can helpNew Research: LGBTQIA+ Youth Mental Health & How You Can Help

Youth who are lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer and questioning often face rejection, hurtful comments or bullying. A shocking 42% of LGBTQ youth considered suicide in the last year, and 70% of LGBTQ youth reported poor mental health throughout most of the pandemic. Find out how you can help youth feel accepted and loved.

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Hope’s Story: How a Teen Girl Who Felt Suicidal Received Life-Saving Treatment

Hope is a 15-year-old girl who experienced depression and tried to end her life in multiple ways. But when she came to KVC Hospitals, she received comprehensive medical and psychiatric treatment. Ultimately, therapy that helped rebuild the connection between Hope and her mother was key to finding support at home and achieving mental health wellness.

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A Moving Family Reunification Story After Foster Care

Ashley and Sean’s substance use challenges led to their children being removed from their home and put in foster care. But a positive relationship with the foster parents caring for their children and the KVC workers advocating for them led to a safe family reunification. Ashley is now a substance use registered nurse helping others in a similar situation and both parents are thankful for their second chance.

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Black Children Are Overrepresented in Foster Care: Here’s How We Can Address This Disparity

Nationally, Black children are 14% of the total child population, but they make up 23% of children in foster care. KVC is working to address this through safely preventing the need for foster care and encouraging more Black adults to consider becoming foster parents. Learn why being placed with a family that shares a child’s racial and cultural heritage can increase placement stability and reduce children’s time in foster care.

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Student gets help - KVC West Virginia FIrst Star AcademyStudent Gets Help to Achieve His Dreams

When Jack’s mom suddenly passed away, he entered foster care. Both his grief and his changing life circumstances led to challenges in school. Thankfully, by participating in the First Star KVC West Virginia Academy that combines academic help, therapy and wraparound support, Jack is now doing well and pursuing his dream of being a college math professor.

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Meet Children Who Need Loving, Adoptive Forever Families

BreAnna, Taniya, Lexi and A’Jaun are children who need adoptive families to provide them with safety, a sense of belonging and unconditional love. Could you be the person that will provide them a permanent home?

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KVC Hospitals Commemorates 30 Years of Hope, Healing and Life-Changing Treatment

KVC Hospitals Kansas City is commemorating 30 years of providing compassionate psychiatric treatment to youth to help them heal.

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There are many more stories packed into this issue of Thriving. Check it out today!



You can also visit our news archive to view past issues of our print magazine.

KVC Health Systems, a nonprofit mental health and child welfare organization headquartered in the Kansas City area, is a national leader in providing innovative, effective and compassionate care. The KVC team is working to create a world in which every person is safe and connected to a strong family and a healthy community. Over the last 50 years, KVC has enriched and enhanced the lives of over 300,000 children, adults and families through in-home family support, behavioral healthcare, foster care, adoption, substance use treatment, and children’s psychiatric hospitals. The organization has 33 locations in Kansas, Kentucky, Missouri, Nebraska and West Virginia, and provides training and consultation around the world. Learn more.

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