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New KVC Thriving Magazine: Find Out Why KVC Is a Great Place to Work and Read New Success Stories

KVC Health Systems Thriving Magazine - Fall 2021 Winter 2022 - Featuring Inside the Heart of KVC: Find Out Why KVC Is a Great Place to Work

This latest issue is packed full of stories about people finding the powerful human connection and help needed to break cycles; live happy, healthy lives; and create bright futures.

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How to Keep Calm in Stressful Parenting Situations

Identifying your emotions is the first step to regulating them. The next time you find yourself responding to an emotional situation, answer these questions to increase your emotion awareness.

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The Biological Consequences for Children Living in Poverty… and What We Can Do

Highly segregated, low-income neighborhoods such as Ferguson, MO, are experiencing a toxic stress epidemic. As parents become overwhelmed, children miss out on positive interactions needed for healthy brain development.

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5 Ways to Help Preschoolers Understand and Discuss Their Emotions

understanding emotions

Children are not born knowing how to regulate their emotions. Therefore, parents, teachers and caregivers must teach them emotional literacy skills.

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