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KVC Health Systems

KVC Health Systems Releases Moving Stories of Families Who Overcame Adversity

kids playing - stories of families who overcame adversity

As a nonprofit child- and family-serving organization, KVC Health Systems helps tens of thousands of people each year. Its work spans from strengthening families in crisis, to offering life-saving hope and treatment to people who experience traumatic stress or mental health challenges, to providing 24/7 care and ongoing therapy to children who have experienced abuse or neglect.

Each child or family has its own story, and the unique ways in which people overcome adversity are inspiring. That’s why each summer, KVC Health Systems hosts a story contest. During the 2017 story contest, staff members, birth parents, foster and adoptive parents, clients, community partners and others submitted 88 examples of how KVC made a positive difference in the lives of children and families!

Read the winning stories below. Articles and videos will continue to be published throughout the year. (View 2016 story contest winners here or 2015 story contest winners here.)

Strengthening Families

Foster Care/Adoption

KVC Team Member Going Above and Beyond

Behavioral Healthcare including Substance Abuse Treatment

Children’s Psychiatric Hospital Treatment

KVC Team with the Highest Participation

Honorable Mention

KVC offers its deepest thanks to the following people who submitted poignant stories. They each shared about children and families whose lives KVC Health Systems enriched and enhanced through high-quality, compassionate services.

Kellie Hans-Reid, Director of In-Home Services, KVC Kansas
Elizabeth Gray, Intensive In-Home Therapist, KVC Kansas
Leah Roy, Intensive In-Home Therapist, KVC Kansas
Nancy Moses, Lead Therapist, KVC Kansas
Tara Stewart, Foster Parent, KVC Kansas
Tara Davis, IIHT Supervisor, KVC Kansas
Daniel Reusser II, Aftercare Therapist, KVC Kansas
Larkin Fales, Intensive In-Home Therapist, KVC Kansas
Lena Woods, Intensive In-Home Therapist, KVC Kansas
Eric Joens, Intensive In-Home Therapist, KVC Kansas
Heather Roberts, Intensive In-Home Therapist, KVC Kansas
Sam Robinson, Intensive In-Home Therapist, KVC Kansas
Kelly Beale, Intensive In-Home Supervisor, KVC Kansas
Seth Montgomery, Family Support Worker, KVC Kansas
Kim Kunard, Family Support Worker, KVC Kansas
Pamela Thomas, Receptionist, KVC Kansas
Adam Glidewell, Activities Coordinator, KVC Prairie Ridge
Alishia Wallace, Counselor, KVC Prairie Ridge
Rachel Gunther, Therapist, KVC Prairie Ridge
James Smith, Milieu Manager, KVC Prairie Ridge
Nate Finster, PRTF Liaison, KVC Prairie Ridge
Alex Mendez, Staffing Coordinator, KVC Prairie Ridge
Lauren Lueck, Director of Strategic Initiatives, KVC Hospitals
Sara Richards, Therapist, KVC Prairie Ridge
Derrick Hurst, Senior Program Director, KVC Prairie Ridge
Audrey Lindenmeyer, Program Director, KVC Wheatland
Phil Caldwell, Senior Milieu Manager, KVC Prairie Ridge
Annmarie Arensberg, Associate Clinical Director, KVC Prairie Ridge
J’Amber Wilson, Administrative Coordinator, KVC Prairie Ridge
Caitlin Pennington, BHS Clinician, KVC Kentucky
Julie Tucker, Family Specialist, KVC Kentucky
Chris Holbrook, FPRS Supervisor, KVC Kentucky
Lauren Draper, Wrap Facilitator, KVC Kentucky
Jennifer Roney, WRAP Facilitator/Family Specialist, KVC Kentucky
Shanan Akers, Wrap Facilitator, KVC Kentucky
Chelsie Hasty, Family Specialist, KVC Kentucky
Justin Conn, Family Specialist, KVC Kentucky
Kaitilee Flewelling, Family Specialist, KVC Kentucky
Sarah Smith, Clinical Assessor, KVC Kentucky
Regena Pearl, Director of Programs, Niles
Kelli Anderson, Foster Care Specialist, KVC Nebraska
Ashley Brown, Vice President, KVC Nebraska
Missy Lile, IFP Clinician, KVC Nebraska
Debora Wells, Safe at Home WV Supervisor, KVC West Virginia
Kimberly Bigley, Safe at Home Facilitator for Wood County, KVC West Virginia

Got a Story? Share It Anytime

Congratulations and thank you to everyone who participated. KVC Health Systems will host another story contest in summer 2018. Do you have a story to share? Please tell us about it at

Join the KVC Team - Help protect children and strengthen families.