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How to Help Your Child Succeed in School

Parenting Skills: How to help your child succeed at school

Children who know what it takes to succeed in school are better prepared to succeed in the future when applying for college or pursuing a career.

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Does Your Child or Teen Need Counseling? Here Are Two Great Places to Start

child teen counseling

If your child or teen has been expressing behavioral issues, utilizing counselors in your youth’s school or faith-based community is a great place to start.

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Free Childhood Trauma Training Available for Kansas Schools, Districts Through NYU/KVC Center

KVC offering free training on childhood traumatic stress for four Kansas school districts

School districts in Kansas are invited to request free training for staff on childhood traumatic stress in order to become a trauma-informed school.

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Movement May Help Students With ADHD Concentrate

A new study suggests that hyperactive movement actually increases alertness and performance for children with attention disorders.

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5 Reasons Children Bully and How Parents Can Help

A bully’s motive can stem from one specific factor or several elements. Learn what leads a kid to bully and what you can do to prevent bullying.

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4 Tips to Prepare Students in Foster Care for Academic Success

students in foster care

Focusing on schoolwork can be difficult for a child or teen in foster care. There are many ways foster parents and educators can help these youth succeed.

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