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The KVC Institute Shares a Big Idea for Transforming Foster Care in America

The KVC Institute for Health Systems Innovation today released its “Big Idea” campaign describing how public and private agencies and other stakeholders can transform foster care in America.

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From Foster Care To Freshman Year

Jasmine Uqdah aged out of foster care at age 18 with no job, home or money to pay for college. Thanks to a new initiative called Fostering Success Michigan, Uqdah was able to attend a community college, and it didn’t cost her a thing.

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Homeless Teen Finds Sister, Forever Family

Logan Hunt was homeless and alone when he aged out of the foster care system at 18-years-old. After learning that he had a biological sister, an emotional meeting would change Logan’s life forever.

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Country Star Gives Hope to Kids in Foster Care

Country music singer/songwriter Jimmy Wayne tells the story of his troubling childhood in the autobiography ‘Walk to Beautiful.’ Wayne hopes his book will give hope to children in foster care and inspire more people to adopt these kids.

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Improving Outcomes for Our Nation’s Foster Youth

Vice President Joe Biden announced new steps aimed at supporting and improving outcomes for youth in and aging out foster care.

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When There’s No Going Home

The holidays are a time when many people return to the familiar and comfortable surroundings of their parent’s home. But what happens to those young people who do not have a place to go home to?

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Homeless Youth Problem Misunderstood

Federal administrators are determined to end youth homelessness by 2020 and KVC is leading a broadly-supported initiative to create a new national model for this vulnerable population.

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#NeverStopCaring Means a Better Future for Youth in Foster Care

KVC Health Systems has launched a national #NeverStopCaring initiative to bring awareness to the national crisis of youth aging out of foster care and propose the creation of a specialized career college.

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Initiative Aims to Transform Closing Naval Base into Career College for Youth Aging Out of Foster Care

If the proposal comes to fruition, the ensuing Sugar Grove College could become a new national model for how to help a vulnerable population while saving and creating jobs.

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